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About Tris

Tris is a 40-something writer on - primarily - secular and political related material, but - secondarily - anything else that stirs his inner curmudgeon to shake a metaphorical fist at. He has also been known to toil endlessly, perfecting his hand-coded websites.

Hailing from the far south-west of England, he has previously lived in Sweden and the Philippines, and has worked in as diverse environments as kitchen portering to train engineering, and from fork lift truck driving to copywriting.

Today, he lives with his English Springer Spaniel, Petal, and an ever-thickening layer of dust that is largely unwarrantable, given his lack of extra-literary activities.

While it is hoped that this introductory text is broadened, Tris prefers to write articles about the subjects that define him, rather than explain why they do. Given a good understanding of the terms used and the subjects covered, the reader should find that Tris' character is self-evident.

About The Website

This website is primarily a vehicle for the dissemination and promotion of Tris' writing. There exists other aspects to it that are more personal and developmental (see Projects below), but for the most part, people will visit the site because they have been either clicked on a social media link, or because they have been actively searching for information about a specific subject covered in one of the site's articles.

As with all websites, it is hoped that this one develops according to the requirements its content generate. It is further hoped that you, the user, provide the most compelling arguments for fresh and innovative approaches. While it is nice to have somewhere to place your work, the content here is in the public sphere, so the public should have a say in how they interact with it. Clicking on the link below, will allow you to do just that. Functioning as a serviceable FAQ, it provides you with notes made in the forming of this website, offering you the opportunity to understand why things have been done as they have, and what the future holds.

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Liam Jordan Music

Enter a short bio for Liam's website. Maybe have the image above show his upcoming gigs.

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Paddy's Vintage Emporium

Located in the Arts Market near the top of Chapel Street, Paddy's Vintage Emporium sells - amongst other things - books, original artwork and reclaimed furniture. In fact, if you can see what you want in his Emporium, it is for sale.

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