Tris Stock

Tris Stock


Tris Stock is a 40-something curmudgeon hailing from Penzance in the far south west of the UK. He has previously resided in Sweden and the Philippines, but has long since given up the pretence that he can still speak Swedish.

Writing on a diverse number of subjects, what piques his interest tends to stem from the 'steer clear' subjects of sex, politics and religion; although the proposed focus of the site's content is on matters secular.

When Tris is not writing, he can still be found sat in front of the computer, culling code from people that actually know about web design, cheating at Fallout 3 or watching pirated films. When needs arise, he is known to venture outside to walk his English Springer Spaniel, Petal, often taking in a pint of cider or six during a pit-stop.


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