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Who is Tris Stock?

One-time blogger at (now defunct), Tris is back with a new and more ambitious project with the eponymously named

The move towards a more British approach to secular and political activism comes from a desire to forge a career that will enable him to emerge from abject poverty, indistinct odium and utter frustration, to mild poverty, modest notoriety and some degree of achievement.

Tris lives in Penzance in west Cornwall, with his English Springer Spaniel, Petal, and a liberal layer of dust. People often confuse his frustration with anger, but he appears confused when others react with anger, when he points out they might just be frustrated.

It should be noted, this website is currently quite new, so not all of the links are populated. However, the progress is ongoing (and quite rapid for Tris), and the contact form does work if you feel you want to contact him with any suggestions or observations.

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Liam Jordan Music

This project is being done as a homage to Penzance guitarist Liam Jordan. Already a popular name in west Cornwall, his growing popularity firther afield required a more coherent web presence. This is Tris' attempt at just that.

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Rowe Genealogy

Despite mocking from certain quarters for being born in Devon, Tris' maternal line has a Cornish history dating back half a millennia. This project documents this genealogy, and adds personal reflections from the global Rowe diaspora.

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Photo Gallery

After a data theft by a demented former girlfriend, Tris has spent a great deal of time curating what remains of his once extensive personal image collection. This project is the culmination and security of that endeavour.

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Before deciding on including a Disqus comments app, Tris would like to trial screening considered responses to his articles via email. Those comments that are considered relevant to the discussion at hand, will be added to the article in question.

Whether or not your comment is included, depends largely on the merits of its content, but Tris promises to personally respond to any reasonable enquiry or observation the reader cares to make, and within good time.