Letters: Derek Thomas - TAC

Responding to my MP's request as to why I wanted him to vote against the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Democracy: Referendums

Part of a series of 'explainers' on democratic systems, this article explores the historical context of referendums, what they are meant to achieve, how they have been utilised in the UK and, perhaps, how they should be utilised in the UK in the future.

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Letters: Responding to Derek Thomas' request for why I asked him to vote against the Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Image of St Ives MP, Derek Thomas

On the morning of the day when Parliament was due to vote on the third and final reading of the EU/UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, I used Write To Them to request my local MP, Derek Thomas, to vote against it. I kept the letter very short:

Dear Derek Thomas,

I lent you my vote in 2019 on the basis that you were the only candidate in the constituency that supported 'Getting Brexit Done'. Well done on that front. I had little hope, though, that any future trade agreement would be acceptable, and so it has transpired.

I'll keep this brief.

I want you to vote AGAINST the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Tris Stock

Mr Thomas has, in the past, been sporadic in his responses, but this time, I received a timely response; albeit after the vote had been conducted.

Dear Tris

Thank you for your email. I voted for the agreement as it is generally a good outcome for the UK (other than for fishing).

Can you please let me know why you preferred me to vote against it? I am genuinely wanting to know.

Kind regards,

Derek Thomas MP
For West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (St Ives)

So, here@s my response:

Dear Derek,

Thank you for the prompt response, albeit 49 minutes after you had voted 'Aye' to the EU/UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement Bill I asked you to vote 'No' to.

You asked me to let you know why I preferred you to vote against it. Here is my reasoning:

  • It breaks a manifesto promise - On page 5 of the 2019 Conservative Manifesto, it states "This future relationship will be one that allows us to:... Ensure we are in full control of our fishing waters." You yourself all but concede this is a breach of mandate, and as someone representing a coastal constituency with the UK's sixth largest fishing port by value [source],

Taking a break. Will conclude tomorrow.