“Thinker, writer and spaniel-wrangler.”

At least, that – or some approximation of it – is what I generally put on my social media profiles. 

I am a thinker, only inasmuch as reason and critical-thinking demands it, and not because I consider myself an intellectual; I am not. However, it would be a grave error to dismiss me as naive; I consider as many options as is reasonable in reaching my conclusions, and am open to changing my positions if sufficient reasons to do so are proffered

I am a writer, only inasmuch as I enjoy it, and make no claims of professionalism. Indeed, the critical reader will find me too wordy, and the content rife with identity politics. I’ll cop to both accusations. This is a blog, not the fourth estate. 

I am a spaniel-wrangler only inasmuch as they are as mad and resolute as I am, and not because she is a burden. Far from it. Her company is a joy.

I am a member of the Labour Party, I sit on the Executive Committee as the St Ives constituency interim Media Controller. I fully support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, and welcome the demise of the neoliberal “New Labour”, that disenfranchised socialists and enabled Tory-lite “moderate” centrism.

I don’t much care for labels, but people use them all the same. What follows are two lists, the former being those labels I feel are accurate and defensible, the latter those that others have used incorrectly to identify me. In alphabetical order, then:
Personal 3rd Party
  • Atheist
  • Republican
  • Secularist
  • Antisemite
  • Cultist
  • Marxist
  • Nihillist

Being mildly agoraphobic, I don’t get out much, and the spaniel’s lack of opposable thumbs and a wider disdain for photography, means quality and/or recent photos of me are few and far between. That said, I shall endeavour to add to this section so that my viewers get a better understanding of who it is they are dealing with. So many people remain anonymous online – and I understand many of the reasons why – but because of my largely self-imposed “IRL” interactions, I prefer to be open about and honest about who I am. So, here I am: Tris Stock In the absence of photos of me, allow me to introduce you to the spaniel: Petal