Albert Owen MP (Lab) trots out all the usual People’s Vote tropes

Albert Owen MP is the latest Labour MP to step into the fray regarding repeating hackneyed misrepresentations about the People’s Vote (PV), what it entails and why he supports it. Not to put too fine a point on it, here is my “Fisking” of him: A People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal is the best and most democratic solution to the current Brexit mess. Really? How so? A vote singularly on the deal – which in and of itself would be democratic – does nothing to approach the mess he alludes to. We either accept the mess that the […]

A discussion on the People’s Vote

What follows here is a transcript of an email discussion I am currently involved in. As it is an email exchange, and may be deemed personal, I present my interlocutor as anonymous. What I feel I can divulge, is that it is someone that is a fellow Labour Party member in my own CLP. I have minimally edited the exchanges with the addition of a few missing full-stops for consistency, and have added in [square brackets] where I accidentally omitted words from the original. I have not changed the sentiments at all. We open with my response to a contemporary […]