Why I am no longer active on Twitter

Explaining why, like Facebook before it, Twitter has become an intellectual vacuum.

Democracy: Referendums

Part of a series of 'explainers' on democratic systems, this article explores the historical context of referendums, what they are meant to achieve, how they have been utilised in the UK and, perhaps, how they should be utilised in the UK in the future.

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Latest Article: "Why I am no longer active on Twitter"

A photoshopped image of the Twitterbird superimposed over an actual dead bird.

I joined Twitter in 2009, ostensibly as a tool to engage people on matters related to my interest in counter apologetics. As time passed, though, the political climate in the UK had changed considerably, and my posts became more politicised. From about 2015 onwards, my output has been almost exclusively political (interspersed with spaniel updates). It was during the last epoch of primarily political commentary that I first ran into what would ultimately be Twitter's demise as a useful tool to engage people on matters related to my interests. Read more...


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A personal website, runs the gamut of Tris' interests, serves as a vault for all his digital media, and acts as a sandbox for his web projects. Frequent flyers will be cogniscent of his preoccupation with politics, but he makes an effort to diversify his output, if for no other reason than he doesn't want to come across as a one-dimensional bore, irrespective of whether he is or not.

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Hailing from west Cornwall's main town, Penzance, Tris is fast approaching 50, and is wondering what the hell happened. His English springer spaniel, Petal, keeps him somewhat grounded, though, despite suffering from mild agoraphobia.

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While this is a personal website, the way that I handle comments here, leaves the door open for guests to submit full articles, should they feel they have anything more to add than a cursory enquiry or clarification to a particular point or article.