Albert Owen MP (Lab) trots out all the usual People’s Vote tropes

Albert Owen MP

Albert Owen MP is the latest Labour MP to step into the fray regarding repeating hackneyed misrepresentations about the People’s Vote (PV), what it entails and why he supports it.

Not to put too fine a point on it, here is my “Fisking” of him:

A People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal is the best and most democratic solution to the current Brexit mess.

Really? How so? A vote singularly on the deal – which in and of itself would be democratic – does nothing to approach the mess he alludes to. We either accept the mess that the Chequers Agreement puts forth, or we accept the mess that is a “no deal”.

Of course, Albert is being disingenuous, because if he isn’t, he is deliberately lying to us. While the PV takes great pains to insist it is a vote on the deal, it is – in fact – a back-door proxy for negating the 2016 referendum. One of the proposed options the PV supports, includes an option that unambiguously and unapologetically overturns it, and does so with no regard whatsoever as to the claimed purpose of voting on the deal.

With this in mind, to state that the PV is the “best and most democratic solution to the Brexit mess” is a demonstrable lie; it does nothing to solve the mess, unless you consider the best solution is the usurpurpation of the single largest vote in UK history.

You don’t get to say you are supporting the PV for democratic reasons, if its sole purpose is to disenfranchise 17.4 million people from a different vote in 2016 the result of which has yet to be delivered, and uncountable numbers of people that favour none of the proposed options put forward in the PV.

The 2016 Referendum result was to get out but not to lose out and since then the facts have changed, nobody knew we’d have to pay the EU a massive £40 billion divorce bill, or a no deal of stockpiles of medicines.

A good start, but you should have stopped after eight words. The inclusion of the others is irrelevant waffle. The truth is, we don’t even know if there will be a deal to vote on, so to say “the facts have changed” doesn’t really lend itself to the notion that we have any facts at all, and until we have actually left the EU – with or without a deal – we have no basis to establish facts about our leaving the EU – which is what he is actually proposing – until it is has become a reality.

A genuine vote on whatever deal the government might be able to cobble together, would at least give us something factual to vote on, but until we have that, we have no concrete basis to suggest we are informed about it. Indeed, he is proposing this vote on the basis that we don’t actually know, but have all the necessary facts all the same. It’s moronic.

The Prime Minister and the Government now find themselves at the mercy of the hard right / hard Brexit wing of her party and the DUP. That is not what people voted for in 2016 or 2017.

Of course it wasn’t. The 2016 referendum was a clear and unambiguous yes/no on a single issue. It still hasn’t been delivered. The 2017 general election has only a passing relevance on the former. If he feels so strongly that this passing relevance is that the government screwed up so badly  (and not ‘the people’ in 2016), why isn’t he calling for a People’s Vote on usurping the GE vote that lead to the DUP ‘Supply and Demand’ deal, and their as yet unformed EU deal? All the identifiers he might use to single out the referendum vote as flawed, were equally true of the government’s behaviour in the GE, so why punish ‘the people’ with his special brand of disenfranchisement?

To me it’s not about the 48% or the 52%…

And here we have the evidence that he knows what he is proposing is a fraud on ‘the people’. If the PV really were about the deal, the referendum would be moot; we’d still leave regardless of how the deal is accepted or otherwise. But here, he admits he doesn’t care about respecting democracy (because it’s not about anyone that voted, is it?), because he knows full well that the proposed vote on the deal is nothing of the sort, and is – in fact – an unscrupulous attempt to usurp democracy, and to disenfranchise 17.4 million voters.

If this is the best and most democratic solution he can come up with, he’s going to have to work a lot harder on his lies and misrepresentations. I, for one, can clearly see what he is doing, and I am not buying it.

You’ve been busted. Give it up.